What is InnerScapes Art?

InnerScapes is a playful process using paint and other art materials to illuminate inner landscapes, unknown dreams, patterns, synchronicities and inspirations .

Welcome to InnerScapes Art. Here you’ll find my some of work processes in a Gallery of images and more. Subscribe to this blog and let’s build a connection to share and grow together or contact me with any questions or feedback you have.

Why do I create?

Creativity is movement. Creativity is an expressive flow from source and returning to source. I create because I move. I live. I enjoy life. As life becomes increasingly complex, things, events, feelings, perceptions arise that are not always easy to digest or enjoy. However with movement and awareness, life experience revitalizes like water purifying over the rocks in the sunlight. I use this art processes to engage my non-verbal intelligences. Our wonderful rational thinking has been culturally over-developed at the expense of our natural inner senses and subtle intelligences. In order to access a re-sourceful intelligence , I create lines, motions, forms and color patterns. The connection with the nonverbal “unknown” reality can be cultivated and developed. It can be a strong and gentle connection leading to a better life, vibrant health, less stress, social harmony, balanced allocations of resources, and a fine-tuned access to the well of wisdom inside of every human being just waiting to blossom .

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