About Theun Speakable

Theun Speakable is an Artist, Healer and Teacher. My artwork is an expression of the rhythmic unspoken exchange between the unknown and my known world in each moment. Along with meditation, movement and prayer practices, I have used simple art processes to connect with the natural healing capacity in my body, heart and spirit.

Born energetic and curious….my earliest impressions of color, sounds, movement and light are still with me and still open the wonderous dimensions  beyond words. Throughout my life color expanded into worlds of infinite possibility, from the most beautiful brights, contracting to dull greys and scary blacks. Sounds resonated from symphanies to jingles to painful noise always returning to a source of pristine silence. Movements expressed worlds of everything from grace to destruction and collapse. Inevitably, on the other side of movement is a sublime stillness nourishing everything.

Katherine is my first name. Theun Speakable is a chosen visual arts name. It is how I sign my art. I paint while quieting the monologue in my mind allowing access to inspirations, intuitions and subtleties of each moment. Art time is playtime research for my unspoken intelligences.

When I make art, I allow to surface what is within me, that which I cannot see or think about. Guided by instinct, intuition, subtle kinesthetic movements, emotions and breath, I discover an internal world that can only speak in silence. Witnessing this process brings me to a state of wonder, humor, awareness, and growth. I have always been a lover of abstract art because it opens so many possibilities.

Theun Speakable

Trainings and Explorations

Early in my life, the ocean was my true teacher. Now lifeforce itself is the ocean. The fluid in my blood, pulsing through every cell in this body is the same water cycling the earth through time. It is the same water that Yeshua turned to wine. The water that is shed in every human tear. It is the river and the rain, the ocean tempest and the warm blue island waves. It is the cool water of the aquifer running deep inside the earth.

Every breath is awesome. I have been practicing for decades. My experiences include many certifications:

  • Modern dance, Yoga practice and training.
  • Teaching dance and meditative movement in Community Schools.
  • African dance in Senegal.
  • Massage therapist Advanced Bodywork Certificate.
  • InnerRhythms, my own synthesized form of expressive movement.
  • Spiritual healing techniques and meditation through bodywork.
  • Professor of yoga and fitness 12 years in Community College.
  • Dance Meditation Teacher Training Certificate.
  • Sufi Spiritual and Medical Healing Certificate.
  • Spiritual and Medical Healing Teacher Training Certificate.
  • Orthopedic Manual Therapy Bodywork Adv.Certificate.
  • Daoist View, Methods, Alchemical practices .
  • Chi Nei Tsang Adv.Certificate
  • Chi Gong Retreat in China.
  • Pour Paintings Exhibited.
  • Wellness Coach Adv.Certificate.

I maintain a private Healing/Spirit Coaching Practice.