Happy New Year Everyone!!! This painting is inspired by my true appreciation of all the viewers, commenters, and subscribers to my channel this past year. This is the second pour from this cup. The purple left in the cup from the last pour looked too good to toss. So I painted the canvas with purple and added some white, teal, and Prussian blue into the same cup.

The paint is then poured out in what is known as a ring pour, a steady stream of paint onto one spot. The colors expand out like rings around a pebble thrown into the water. I stretched the paint out by tilting the canvas to cover it completely. The ring pour looked so soft and cloud-like luscious that I wondered if it was done. I felt dissatisfied after looking at it for several minutes so I swished yarn strings into the runoff paint from the earlier pour and laid them onto the canvas in a snake-like fashion.

String Pull & Swipe Acrylic Pour Painting titled BlueGreenFlowers by Theun Speakable
View my process video for HappyNewYearFlower on YouTube.

Pulling the strings off makes a leaf-like design known as string pull. I added some pthalo turquoise on a small plastic knife and swiped paint to accent leaves. Then some cadmium yellow and iridescent gold on the little paper towel swipes were added. It took a while to match my satisfaction with my inner good feeling. I played around to create a flower, then dropped gold dots made with a toothpick and runoff paint.

This video is edited down from 1 hour to 3:23 minutes. I cut out a lot of the paint stretching and sped up many of the details to just give the basic necessary information.

This is my most popular video. It was made in December 2018. Many artists on YouTube were doing string pulls and ring pours but I hadn’t seen anyone put them together in one painting. Now it is a common technique. I hope you are inspired.

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