An InnerScapes video opening scans the completed dry painting by Theun Speakable. First painting pthalo turquoise, green gold, and crimson in vertical swaths onto the canvas. There is no silicone in the paint. Then pouring a line of gold paint through the crimson with lines of white poured on both sides of the gold. I take a paper towel and place the edge into the gold and drag the towel to one side of the painting. This is technically called a “swipe.”

Using a fresh towel, I repeat the swipe to the other side. I then tilt the canvas to stretch the paint a little more. (In many techniques, this is a completed swipe painting.) The turquoise, green gold, crimson, gold, and white have now blended to create a beautiful background for string pull flowers and leaves.

View my process video for BlueGreenFlowers on YouTube.

Using strings dipped in turquoise, I place two of them in a snaky pattern and then pull them to create the first leaves and flowers. This also moves the paint in the background and makes a nice blending. I add one more and tilt the painting. I then speed up the video and I continue to add strings and tilt the painting. Using a paper towel, I create a series of swipes to create a table and a vase in a lighter blue turquoise. I speed up the video as I make several swipes with the paper towel, stretch the paint, add more leaves, use a plastic knife, and highlight the vase. The video is edited down from 1 hour to 3.5 minutes, just enough to convey the whole process.

This is an inspiring video; I had never seen anyone create in this way before. When I sat down to paint this, my mind was completely blank. The only idea I had was green, crimson, turquoise, and gold. This is my second most-watched video. I painted this in early Dec 2018.

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